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For too long “sales” has been a dirty word, and “selling” a stop gap until something better comes along or a career people simply fall into. Well, I’m out to change that narrative.

To me, sales is about connection, service, enrichment and experience. A sales career carries the privilege of making profound differences in the lives of others: your organisation, your customers and even your own. For the same reasons many shy away from selling – you never pass go, your performance is visible to all and it’s hard are the same reasons I’m out to start a sales revolution that aligns “sales” with strong character.

Our Work

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Founder and Managing Director: Bespoke program, speaking or online programs you are working directly with me. I care the most about you, your team, your customers and your organisation.

Results: I’m known for enabling my clients to hit sales targets entirely out of the park, often in accelerated time frames.

Sales Revolution: my mission is to transform the way we perceive salespeople and selling. Where sales is a synonym for a character of engagement, performance and service.

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Bespoke Business Programs

Don’t use someone else’s generic program! Together we’ll create a customised program underpinned by my proven Pathway to Enrichment Philosophy, that will activate and energise your team to deliver.

Sales Leadership

My sales leadership programs provide current and emerging sales leaders with solid structure, approaches, processes and tools to build their own high performing teams.

Keynote Speaking

When you have an event and are looking for a unique speaker, consider Ingrid’s expertise and ability to engage, entertain and educate an audience.

Online Programs

If you or your sales people struggle to take time off the road, off the shop floor or away from their laptops and phones, The Sales Doctor’s on demand online programs provide flexible delivery and support direct to the learner.

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