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Founder and Managing Director of The Sales Doctor, Ingrid Maynard is on a mission… to create a Sales Revolution, transforming how people see and understand sales and salespeople. Sales is a dirty word and a career that people fall into rather than choose.

This is the narrative that Ingrid is determined to change through her unique insights, approach and teachings. For over 25 years, Ingrid has worked with Iconic Australian brands, including large listed and privately-owned organisations, to improve sales team performance. She is known for ensuring the sales process enriches the salesperson, the customer and others across the business’s value chain. Ingrid’s passion for salespeople and leaders to ‘show up’ differently is underpinned by her Pathway to Enrichment philosophy grounded in behavioural modelling and neuroscience, enabling teams to take different actions to achieve results consistently and effectively.

Ingrid consults closely with key client stakeholders to create bespoke programs that are fit for purpose. Ingrid is well-known for having profound impacts on sales teams and has guided many to hit sales targets completely out of the park, well before they expected to.

The Sales Doctor Manifesto

Why do we think of sales as a dirty word? When we hear the word sales, we often think of manipulation, persuasion, convincing, and trickery. We hear that people are trying to get us to do something we may not otherwise do or buy something we’re not sure we need.

Ingrid is here to change this narrative. She understands that there is a different story to be told.

Ingrid believes that sales is:

It’s through this understanding that the act of making a sale becomes a privilege. Where the word sales become synonymous with relationships, and every sales interaction enriches everyone involved. It will take something to change the current narrative, but Ingrid believes it is possible.
Ingrid Maynard is here to create a sales revolution.

Our Value

The value of working with Ingrid Maynard at The Sales Doctor runs well beyond the extraordinary sales outcomes that she will prime your team to achieve.

Consider the benefits; improved employee satisfaction, higher retention rates and positive work culture.
Your customers’ experience also becomes something extraordinary, memorable and discussion worthy, which generates benefits that extend well beyond the revenue of the first sale.

Bespoke Programs Transform into Your Business IP

Working with The Sales Doctor is not like working with other consultants. There is nocookie-cutter approach to your program or training.

Collaborate With Key Leaders in Your Business

The larger your sales team, the harder it becomes to maintain harmony across the organisation, particularly amongst your senior leaders.

Unique Access to A Sales Professional With A Proven Track Record

Today’s environment for business is volatile and complex, making access to a highly skilledprofessional with a proven track record a huge business asset.

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