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To grow your sales, you must grow your value

As B2B salespeople you need to stay sharp and to do that, you must take time to reinforce the practices that make you effective. This is an ever-evolving process, especially in a sales environment.

Imagine saying oh I have already done some training and I don’t need any more training. I’ve got it.

And yet, that’s the exact reason many give for not investing in their own development.

Don’t let this be you.

Charge Forward

easy to understand, practical and fun

If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that we need to be able to navigate all terrains well. What worked before COVID won’t necessarily work now.

With salespeople and their customers working from home, navigating the face to face meetings and other challenges can be tricky.

B2B sales training must be relevant for now, affordable and fit into your COVID/post COVID “normal”.

The Sales Doctor B2B E-Learning series is designed to make B2B sales training easy and fun.

In podcast format, it delivers easy to understand, practical tips and skills to improve your sales strategies.

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Our Specialties

Invest in your own value and start to grow your sales and opportunities straight away.


In this series, you’ll learn:


    • How to effectively connect via phone and video
    • How to use the phone to prospect
    • Why using a structure for having outcome-driven conversations helps salespeople win more opportunities
    • What a sales pipeline is and a sales pipeline tool you can begin to use straight away
    • New ways to grow your network without “networking: (perfect for these times when gatherings are restricted)
    • How to win more opportunity sooner
    • How to plan sales activity to grow opportunity and maximise potential
    • How to uncover what your customer value is
    • Recommendations for presenting a solution back to your prospective client

teams and departments

also available for teams

The entire series is also available for your teams.

A demonstration of your support for your teams in a time of uncertainty, it offers a valuable and constructive focus that will reward you and them.

The perfect entrée to working with TSD programs, it delivers value to your team across a range of mediums to keep them engaged.

you decide

create your own opportunities

Learn while you drive, while you’re doing the housework or gardening, or walking your dog.  You control what, how much when you want to learn. 

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