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Being the master of your own destiny is empowering.  


In good times or challenging ones, confidence grows when you know that no matter what, you are able to maximise whatever opportunity is present in the market. 

I’ve always believed that being my own employer gives me more security than being an employee when decisions are made based on so many factors that are outside of my control: Coronavirus, a recession, impositions on industries, structural changes, downsizing, mergers and acquisitions…I back myself 100%.  That only comes through growing and learning through challenging times and a commitment to expanding my own capacity with professional development.  Being self-employed enables me to pivot faster and make the adjustments I need to make more easily.

Sales remains the lifeblood of any organisation; whether sales is called memberships, subscriptions, fees, revenue…without money coming in, it ceases to exist.  Marketing only works to a point: there comes a time when a sales person needs to engage with customers in order to improve the business’ commercial outcomes.  Providing sales professionals with programs that enable them to sell more consistently effectively is something I love to do and I’m proud of the outcomes my clients achieve as a result. Fortunately sales training can deliver a measurable return which gives clients a level of certainty and peace of mind.

 It’s never been more critical than it is right now for organisations to arm their sales teams with new skills to find new customers and grow their existing customer accounts.

The numbers game analogy won’t work anymore because there simply are not the numbers.  And no organisation can afford to have salespeople who don’t have these new skills and behaviours.  Not many sales people will come ready with these skills simply because they’ve never needed them UNTIL NOW.  Organisations will need to support them to build their capacity.  Survival depends upon it.

TSD methodology works because it grows the skills, knowledge, behaviours and disciplines of sales leaders and their teams to connect more deeply with customers, with more flexibility and win more opportunity faster.  No two sales people, teams, organisations or leaders are alike which is why TSD doesn’t have a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach. 

TSD programs provide structure and rigour to commercial selling so that the flavour of each client can shine through.  What is consistent is TSD clients’ ability to apply the principles in a way that is meaningful and relevant to their goals, their team members, their customers and their circumstances.  That’s the difference.

With lots of delivery methods available, being a TSD licencee provides you with a way of generating your own client base without having to reinvent the wheel!  A business in a box.


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