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COVID-19 has changed the way we work for a long time to come. Perhaps indefinitely. As we enter the new economy, sales people will need to arm themselves with a deeper skill set if they want to be vital to their organisations.

No more order takers. No more playing the numbers game – there won’t be the numbers to play for quite a while. And no more being the most likeable. Our customers deserve true partners to engage with them to help them through this, and when selecting providers, suppliers and products with tighter budgets, their reasons for selection will be based on value and relevance.

Telling isn’t selling.

Focus areas

Sales people and leaders need to scaffold their approaches with a deeper capability of communication and influencing skills, structure, processes and tools to focus, track and measure sales activity.  What worked before won’t necessarily work now and beyond.  What mattered then to customers probably doesn’t now.  
Without emotional intelligence and resilience, sales people will struggle.  They need real support if they’re going to lead your business back to a stronger position with real and lasting growth.  

They need to be able to find new opportunities, nurture those opportunities, win them, retain them and grow those opportunities.


They need strong belief in their own value, in the strength of their organisation and offer and an ability take action over and over and over again.


They need a commercial understanding of selling - not 7 steps, not gimmicks or tricky forceful words that sound like someone else wrote them


They need to understand that they will never pass go - AND LOVE IT.

Sales leaders and sales people are my people.  I want them to thrive.  My programs build lasting organisational capability that extends beyond any one individual.
Get your team to love their profession and understand what a privilege it is to be of service to their organisation and to their customers.
Here is what one sales leader had to say

“We are growing in a challenging market and through the work, we have been doing with Ingrid we have strengthened our focus on building long-term relationships with our business customers. This has been a significant factor in building mutually successful relationships with our customers. We have seen new customer acquisition time frames reduced, conversion rates improved and individual YOY sales performance significantly improved.”

“I would recommend any business who is looking to transform their team to contact Ingrid”

Gavin Chater | National Sales Manager, Officeworks

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