Consistent AND Effective

Sales teams must get into action now. 


Yesterday in fact. 
Waiting for the mythical “return to normal” has well and truly been debunked with further lockdowns, physical restrictions and extended travel restrictions across Australia.

But it’s different now.  It will be different for a very long time to come. 

One thing remains constant if sales teams are going to have success in an increasingly challenging customer market: the need to be consistent AND effective.

Because it’s not enough to be consistently average, consistently lazy or unprepared; nor is it acceptable to be effectively once a year and then cruise.  The combination of both has three key benefits:

  1. It builds a culture of high performance and a standard of sales operation
  2. It builds rigour and discipline with sales teams that impact what they do, how they do it and how often they do it with whom
  3. It underpins an ongoing positive impact to the sales pipeline


Because salespeople never truly pass go, it matters how well they engage with prospects, targets and customers as well as how often they engage with them.

How to be effective

Connect well

Develop skills to uncover what matters to your customer

Develop skills to connect your offer/product to the delivery of what matters to your customer by establishing relevance and value (this takes time, curiosity, genuine interest and a deeper customer relationship)

Plan your approach

Seek feedback and coaching about the execution of your planned approach

Commit to continuous improvement


How to be consistent

Map your opportunities in terms of progress to conversion in a simple spreadsheet

Seek input into the best way to progress an opportunity

Focus on the opportunities that are ready to close first, then progress those that are being developed and then on those opportunities where “need” must be ascertained

Build a contact program that matches high growth potential criteria so that you’re contacting those with the greatest growth potential most often, rather than those who complain the most, you like the most, are the neediest

Be on time every time

Call back when you say you will

Follow up and follow through


It’s a deadly combination, and gives sales people clarity of purpose and direction.  Leaders must provide the right coaching to drive this approach too.  Get support. 

I’ve said this before, but it’s true – it’s never mattered more.



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