Entitlement vs gratitude

I heard a story the other day that I found troublesome but not uncommon. 


And it’s something that will absolutely separate those who will be ready willing and able to make the most of 2021 and those who won’t be.

The first story was that of an employee who was asked to work on days that others are taking leave on…which is why they were asked to do those days.  Not for free.  After 6 months of not working but being on Jobkeeper.

The second story is of a small business owner who is so grateful that she had access to Jobkeeper when she was closed that she’s now opening 7 days a week to repay the government.


Such a difference. 

A difference in perspective

A difference in entitlement

A difference in attitude


One is inspiring.


At which point in history did we start looking for what we can get over what we can give?  When we started to think that simply because we want something, that we actually deserve it?  When did the understanding of earning something get missed?

Who knows what 2021 will bring?  I for one do not.  We could have more lockdowns, we could have many businesses going under with the jobs they create going too, we could have people losing their homes as a result of these things….or not.  We simply do not know.

So, with so much that’s uncertain, there’s not much to be taken for granted I’ll wager.  And within our circle of control, we’re able to look within for our resourcefulness that we only get a sense of the size of when it’s tested.  When we start thinking that others and things outside of us “owe” us things, we’re setting ourselves up a beauty for some serious adjustment, as them/those/they are all things over which we have no control.

If you’re like lots of business owners and sales people in Australia, and you’re exhausted from working hard, from dealing with so much change at once and still having no certainty about what’s next, then the ability to look within for what we need will matter.  It’s never the things or people or events around us alone that shape us.  It’s our responses.  And if we can cultivate better attitudes towards our place in the world, seek to be of service to others, instead of putting out our hand to get then we’ll begin to shape our responses in line with an expansive world.

My hope is that after this hard year that we take these lessons forward.  Gratitude for what is already present in our lives is a great place to start.  



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