Get busy with intention

If you’re like a lot of us, you’ll have had times throughout the course of your life when you’ve been so busy, but you don’t feel like you’re actually achieving anything. It can feel like a hamster on a wheel running very fast but not actually going anywhere.

And if progress = happiness, then this scenario is definitely not something we want to repeat day after day after day….

So, let’s not do that again, okay? Because there is another way.

Intention is the act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result. Unlike goal setting, when you have one or two meaningful intentions, life gets exciting. I recently attended a networking event where a wonderful woman was presenting about this very aspect and said that there needs to be a number of elements in place, so I’m going to pay it forward and share them with you now:

  1. You write down and state your intention in the present tense as if it’s already happened. For example, you may say: “it’s June 30 2015 and I now have 5 new clients on board who have each signed up for 12 month contracts valued at $20,000 each….”
  2. It must contain passion, purpose and love. When you connect it to your heart, there is a deeper and very real reason to give it that additional emotional power that just setting a goal that you know is great, but which you’re not connected to in any way.
  3. It utilizes your natural talents and strengths. If you’re using these, your intention’s realization will be easy. You’ll enjoy the journey too.
  4. It must align with your personal values. Another way of saying this is that there mustn’t be any a conflict between your intention and your values or you’ll be butting heads with yourself.
  5. For an intention to be powerful, think of all of the people who will benefit from its achievement or realization. This pulls it towards you and makes visualizing its outcomes easy too.

Set up a daily (even twice daily) ritual whereby you visualize your intention, feel the emotion of its realization. Create visual reminders or even auditory ones: is there a song that gives you the feeling you’ll have when it’s happening?


Daily. Emotion. Specificity. Now.



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