Elevate sales performance

By Ingrid Maynard

My latest insights into all things sales

Curiosity is king

When we think of being curious, it’s easy to link that with questions…discovery.  But did you know that curiosity also dissolves tension, and ensures that

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Inner strength

This morning I heard someone say that extreme self-reliance is actually a trauma response that prevents us asking for help.  It’s linked to early life

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Purpose led teams

When it comes to elevating sales performance, it’s understandable why organisations look to the most cost-efficient methods that will deliver the greatest bang for buck.

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Make 2022 Your Year

Regardless of what happens “out there”, 2022 is in your hands.  Success or failure.  Lessons or a loop.  Growth or stagnation.  Joy or suffering. Hit

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Embracing Change

There’s a meme going around social media about 2022…something about this year being like the boyfriend who lets you down but you keep taking back

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Take Time to Recharge

Well it’s been quite the 2 years, hasn’t it? For many Australians, they’re more than eager for a decent break….a time to recuperate mentally, emotionally,

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