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When you have an event and are looking for a unique speaker, consider Ingrid’s expertise and ability to engage, entertain and educate an audience. As a transformational speaker, Ingrid leaves audiences feeling inspired, energised, and motivated to take new action. 

The Genius Zone

Ingrid Maynard is a sales gun, and her genius zone is sharing this skill with those around her. Having broken down the core component required by any organisation needing to change and improve not only their sales culture but also their sales outcomes, Ingrid’s approach, underpinned by her Pathway to Enrichment Philosophy, is grounded in behavioural modelling and neuroscience, enabling teams to take different actions to achieve results consistently and effectively.

In her keynote presentations, Ingrid brings her philosophy to life, challenging popular beliefs and misconceptions about ‘sales’ and share her approach the contrary to popular belief, demonstrated that sales stars are created – not born!

And the great news is that anyone who is selling something; themselves, their value, an idea or a product or service can be truly great at it.


Ingrid Maynard’s keynote presentations are perfect for any sales conference, approaching sales from presentation that gets to the heart of why no one wants to be in sales anymore and how to make it fun again.

Motivating, uplifting, funny and practical, this presentation is interactive with tonnes of take-aways to implement immediately.


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