Making the shift from Knowing, Doing to Being

I’m not interested in what you know, how long you’ve known it for or even how much you know.  I am happy that you know it. 


Experience shows me though that it’s not knowledge that changes things, it’s the application of that knowledge.  We can know a lot of things, we may be well read, we may even be the smartest person in the room 

But without putting that knowledge to action, all of that brilliant time spent on gaining new insights and information is just sitting there.  Dormant.  Stagnant.

When we begin to apply new knowledge we get feedback that we can use to iterate that application again and again and again in a process of constant and continuing improvement.  For each time we reflect after taking action on its impact, its response and what needs to happen now as a result, we garner a new understanding.  New knowledge.

It’s one of the fastest ways to improve any situation – especially sales.  The more we practice, reflect, iterate, practice, reflect, iterate….the faster we improve our technqique and our impact.    And of course, our results begin to improve immediately with faster response times, shorter sales cycles, increased conversion rates, deeper insight ….it truly is a game changer.

So if I said to you that this was possible, would you tell me that it’s only possible for me?  For some people?  For you but not with everything you do?

For the most part, this is the sad fact.  For many sales leaders and sales people even when the life raft of new information is presented to them, and even though they can see that it will get them out of the murky water they find themselves in, many choose to continue treading water.

Can it really be as simple as getting into the life raft?  Yes.

Just because something is simple doesn’t mean it’s not effective.  We humans adore complication.  It can be another way though of procrastinating.  Note that.

And like any new behaviour, new action that comes from the application of new knowledge or information, unless we use the approach of practice, reflect, iterate, practice, reflect, iterate every single day every single time, we have less of an opportunity to allow that action to change our behaviour permanently.  It’s why its suggested that to start a new practice to commit to doing it daily for 28-40 days.  And if you miss a day go back to day one.  For to make the next shift from doing to being, that’s what it takes.

So ask yourselves: how committed am I to staying in my cosy slippers of less than I know I can achieve?  What if it were that simple that I just need to do it and do it and do it?  What does it say about your growth mindset to know something and choose to not do it?

Ignorance is one thing but once you know different and then choose not to act differently consistently in order to be different, you are choosing the results and consequences that come from that.


Be better than you were yesterday.



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