Output over Optics

Remote workforces are here to stay. 


While in many ways we’ve never been so “unseen” the essence of the value we bring to others has never been more exposed than it is right now.  Poor sales approaches, poor leaders, poor company values, poor work practices….ta da!  All there.  

It’s strange that something so small has had such a revelatory impact globally.  We’re seeing how people respond to crisis, to the unknown, to losing their livelihoods….and all of it outside of our direct control.  Some of us are angry, some of us have doubled down to help lift up others, some of us have turned inwards, some of us have broken down, some have broken through. 

There is no right or wrong here.  It’s just right there and our responses can be shocking, even to ourselves as without this “crisis” that part of ourselves may have laid dormant.  We’ll never know. 

I’ve found myself in bed unable to move from exhaustion when I’m not doing much (in my mind) to warrant such a physical response. I’ve had days of such sadness for those losing the fabric of their lives through no fault of their own, and I’ve certainly had my moments of anger and frustration – to the point of shouting at the television.

What is interesting though is how so many of us are hankering for the “normal” we used to know.  I wonder though if we remember how we felt at the time.  Did any of us realize how fortunate we were to enjoy such simple freedoms as multiple coffees, hugs from friends, and seeing our parents whenever we wanted?  Life is such that we can’t ever go back, only forward.   Even if it’s one step at a time.

My point is this: we only have this moment… now.  What we do with it , how we choose to respond and how we allow ourselves to grow through this will determine what the future holds.  It’s not like we have a choice about our new reality: it’s here. 

So now what?

It’s the way we are, how we’re being that truly matters.  Gone are the days at work when you could get away with “looking” like you’re doing the work, putting in the hours in the office so the boss can see you, going through the motions.  More than ever before we’ll each be measured by what we do, how we do it and what impact we’re having as a direct result.  Output over Optics.

New behaviours for a new market, for a new economy….for a new world.  I’m not calling on you to simply stop the old and start doing what you knew you always should have because for some of us, we simply didn’t know.  Our awareness wasn’t there: not our self awareness, not our awareness of customers, suppliers, team members or leaders, and not our awareness of the situation. 

As much as we don’t want to be, we’re increasingly aware that this is it.  And for many of us, the restrictions will continue for some time with devastating results for so many in so many different and far reaching ways– Victorians you know exactly what I’m talking about….loss of all kinds.

It’s okay not to know, but it’s not okay not to be curious about what you now need, what you can tap into to grow, what you can learn – if only about yourself.  Level up now. 

That is certainly something that is within your control.  Reach out for guidance, support and teachers.  It matters.  You probably knew I was going to say that….but it does.  It always has, but some of us ignored the call because our lives didn’t depend upon it.  And for so many of us, it’s come to that. Remember, when the student is ready….the teacher appears. 

When you’re aware you’ll find just what you need, right when you need it.



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