Pick up the phone!

The fastest and most effective way to connect with another human being is through conversation…ideally in person


That’s because we’re wired for connection, and when we’re engaged in conversation with another person our brain’s mirror neurons are firing.

Subconsciously, we’re able to work out whether or not we like this person,  and whether or not we trust this person.  We pick up lots of non-verbal and verbal signals that form our foundation for making decisions which happens in the parts of the brain responsible for emotions: the pre frontal cortex and the amydala.  Emotion drives decision-making.  Then we back up our decision with logic.

Neuroscientist Antonio Demassio worked with patients who had damage to these parts of the brain.  He discovered that although these patients otherwise behaved normally, they were unable to make decisions.   Emotion is the decision making hub in our brains.

So, if the best way to connect emotionally is in person through conversation, why are more sales people resorting to email and in other cases texting as their primary communication tools?  

Is it because they think this is effective with their client base?  Is it because they don’t know it’s not effective with those outside of their social network – particularly from a business perspective? 

An over reliance on email or text has a MASSIVE impact on effective selling.  Conversion rates in particular.

But salespeople need to be shown why, how and what to do and be given loads of practice away from their clients.  That’s where training and coaching come in.

Whether we like it or not, we as employers and leaders must show our sales people the way when it comes to effective connection through communication.  We can no longer fool ourselves into believing our people come ready with the skills we need them to have to be excellent at engaging the hearts and minds of our customers.



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