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Sales Leadership Program

Sales leaders usually come through the ranks.  


.  They’re either good leaders who have never had a sales role or they’re outstanding sales people who are promoted into leadership roles.

Either way, without the right support there will be challenges ahead.

General leadership programs don’t provide sales leaders with the skills to deliver better sales outcomes with their teams.  That isn’t their focus nor is it their purpose.

Effective sales leadership requires a unique set of skills.

TSD Sales Leadership Programs are constructed to support sales leaders to achieve business goals with and through their teams with capabilities, behaviours, tools and methodologies to enable them to better lead, coach and manage team and individual sales performance.

Sales leaders will learn how to:


  • Coach in the moment to reinforce sales behaviour that works and eliminate ineffective techniques
  • Keep their sales teams motivated and optimistic during COVID-19 and beyond
  • Plan and run effective, outcome driven team meetings
  • Work with individuals to bring out their best
  • Set team and individual sales targets that motivate without using incentives
  • Raise team and individual awareness levels, use it to set new action and keep them accountable
  • Grow the next layer of sales leaders

Here is what a sales leader had to say

“We are undergoing a cultural transformation in our B2B team – from transactional selling to long term business partnerships.   To assist drive this change we engaged Ingrid from The Sales Doctor.

Ingrid was quick to understand our strategy and design programs to assist with its execution.  Her sessions “hit the mark” precisely delivering a clear lift in sales and a deepening of relationships with our customers.  Ingrid enjoyed the immediate trust of our sales teams through her authenticity and professionalism.  Empathy, insight and good humour all present in her delivery and engagement.
Ingrid, thanks for making a difference.  You add much credibility to our leadership team for engaging an individual of your calibre and professionalism”
John Ellis
National Sales Manager
Workspace Solutions & ICT
Officeworks Business

Training alone won’t build ongoing sales team performance.  Leaders must be able to provide a consistent and effective reinforcement of what good looks like so new effective behaviours become the norm.

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