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B2B Sales Foundation program: COVID-19 and beyond.

Skills for a new world


The world has changed. Some aspects of it may have changed forever.

With lockdowns banning non-essential interstate travel, closures of non-essential businesses and mandatory social distancing it’s “life Jim but not as we know it!”

What does this mean for sales people?  What does this mean for those no longer employed?

Well, it’s going to be tough. 

My guess is that the way we work, the way we connect, the way we interact and from my perspective, the way we engage with our customers will be forever changed.  It’s time to expand our internal resourcefulness with learning and skill development.  What matters is how relevant that learning will be for the new world.


So what does this mean for the future of sales?


Salespeople find themselves now in a market that will continue to shrink.  The businesses that are there will have less revenue.  Of those businesses that are operating with less revenue, some will continue to invest and spend but those decisions will be far more considered.  They’ll have to be.

So salespeople who previously relied on old methodologies, or turning up without a great degree of technique, planning or sophistication will not survive.  And the old adage of sales being a numbers game is over: there won’t be the numbers to play.  Success will come down to salespeople being exceptional at a few key skills that scaffold their capability and impact in a market we have no previous experience with.  In a world of “no contact”, “lockdowns” and “social distancing” and beyond that in an economic downturn, salespeople need a new set of processes, techniques and ways to connect with their prospective and existing customers.

“Ingrid was able to assess our customer service performance through conducting individual interviews in addition to reviewing internally and externaly provided feedback and then facilitate the upskilling of our team through bespoke interactive workshops.

The majority of our team are quite introverted however Ingrid’s personna and facilitation approach were very effective and we are seeing the positive results now, thank you Ingrid.”

Gary Buchanan | GM Service, MaxiTRANS

The TSD 7 module training series is targeted at B2B sales people to support them to navigate this new environment effectively with a range of solutions that work for individuals, small teams and entire organisations.  THIS IS NOT 7 STEPS TO SELLING!!

The foundation suite of modules is audio based delivered straight to your phone so you can learn while you exercise, drive or commute.

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