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With online shopping the only option for months on end, customers will crave an opportunity to get out of the house to be inspired, entertained and feel the connection that comes from in person interaction.

Customers want advice from a person they trust.  They don’t always know what they don’t know.

AI is not the same as expertise.

Bricks and mortar retail will have a renaissance.


If you don’t use this opportunity to make your customers LOVE their experience in your store with your people, don’t be surprised if you’re left with an online presence only.

And lord knows, unless you’re a big brand, getting traction online is expensive and more about distribution than just having a good website.


Understand how to win the hearts and minds of your customers so that they not only buy from you today, but keep buying well into the future and bring in others to buy as well.

It’s a deliberate skill underpinned by process. 

Build the scaffolding around your front line people today so that you can find, sell and keep those customers who are able to buy from you. 

If all you have to offer is product or price you won’t survive. 

People buy from the emotional centre of their brains and back it up with logic. 

It’s not conscious.  That’s why they crave real service.  Reap the benefits today.

Here is what a sales leader had to say

“We are undergoing a cultural transformation in our B2B team – from transactional selling to long term business partnerships.   To assist drive this change we engaged Ingrid from The Sales Doctor.

Ingrid was quick to understand our strategy and design programs to assist with its execution.  Her sessions “hit the mark” precisely delivering a clear lift in sales and a deepening of relationships with our customers.  Ingrid enjoyed the immediate trust of our sales teams through her authenticity and professionalism.  Empathy, insight and good humour all present in her delivery and engagement.
Ingrid, thanks for making a difference.  You add much credibility to our leadership team for engaging an individual of your calibre and professionalism”
John Ellis
National Sales Manager
Workspace Solutions & ICT
Officeworks Business

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