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Identifying & Growing Opportunities with Prospective and Existing Customers

I have 4 questions for you to consider:


Do you know that the number of opportunities for we salespeople to sell to now and post Coronavirus will be diminished?


And are you aware that the opportunities that are open for business with us, will consider their spending with a lot more discretion because they’ll have to?


Is it possible that what worked for you in selling before COVID-19 may not work now and beyond?


And is it possible that there may be new skills and tips that you may or may not currently know about that will help you to maximise your ability to sell with greater impact and make the most of the opportunity that is there?

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The TSD 7 module training series is targeted at B2B sales people to support them to navigate this new environment effectively with a range of solutions that work for individuals, small teams and entire organisations.  THIS IS NOT 7 STEPS TO SELLING!!

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