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You CAN Sell!


Make your team fall in love with selling with my passionate, practical and dare I say, inspiring insights into why sales has become a dirty word, and my vision to change that.

Sales is one of a handful of roles where performance is transparent.  Salespeople understand that they’re only as good as their last deal.  That’s our reality.

For over 20 years I’ve worked with Australian and International companies like Officeworks, Salmat, MaxiTrans, Crossmark, SAI Global to arm Sales People, Sales Leaders and Customer Service Teams with strategies that work.

Customer facing people deserve more than to be treated like wind up dolls. And so do their clients!

So, what would your clients say about your front line team? Would it depend on the person?  The day? The situation? And how about others in the customer value chain: warehouse, credit/accounts, support?  Is the experience consistent in a good way?  That’s the real test.

You CAN sell!

Contrary to popular belief, sales stars are created – not born!  And, the great news is that anyone who is willing to learn can be great at selling.



Why you stopped believing that sales was something you were good at


Why sales is and isn’t only a numbers game


How to find your “voice”


What you can do to improve straight away


Ways to shift your ability from where it is to where you need it to be

Perfect for any sales conference, this presentation gets to the heart of why no one wants to be in sales anymore and how to make it fun again.

Motivating, uplifting, funny and practical, this presentation is interactive with tonnes of take-aways to implement immediately.

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