Everyone knows how to have a conversation, right? 


Everyone knows how to create powerful, instant connection with another, right?  Everyone knows how to adjust their behaviour in order to make someone else comfortable, right?  Everyone understands the power of an actual personal conversation over an email/text/online message, right?


Sales Leaders now have a predicament on their hands.  With COVID, lockdown, physical distancing restrictions and the recession, customers need genuine connection more than ever.  But with person to person contact adding a layer of complexity that customers can do without, sales people must develop the ability to connect well using phone and video.

With the phone app being the sixth most used app, it’s clear that talking isn’t something most of our workforce a) does very often b) does very well.  Email and texting has been seen as being OK for much of our workforce.  It’s not.  It never has been, and unless they learn pretty quickly how to connect and conduct a free flowing conversation, they and by extension the companies they work for will be in real trouble.

Trust is what’s at stake. 

Then we have the other extreme of talking instead of listening.  Sharing how much I know about my product or service doesn’t do much for others.  They’re not impressed – make every conversation about the customer. 

Do that with questions. 

With curiosity. 

With a desire to build insight as to what matters, what’s relevant and what will deliver real and lasting value. 

You can’t do that if you’re too busy talking!

Sales leaders must choose between insisting on finding people with great communication skills, or on supporting their people to develop great communication skills.  To be effective, sales people need to know how to deliberately create rapport with another person, be skilled at asking questions to uncover information and to position the opportunity, and must understand that before a decision maker decides to buy the solution, they make a decision about buying from them.  Failing to behave in a way that engenders trust will have a MASSIVE impact on their ability to sell well or often. 

We must show our sales teams how to connect with others, and how to communicate in a way that inspires, influences and leads a relationship towards a trusting working relationship.  Failing to accept this new responsibility is also accepting poor sales results.

Don’t let that be your company.  Invest in your sales people.  The alternative is too expensive. 


There’s never been more at stake.



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