Telling isn’t selling so STOP doing it!

Everyone knows how to have a conversation, right? 


Every time we make a compromise to ourselves, we diminish something within us. We cheat our higher selves.

Because it’s never really about being our best for other people (although other people will of course benefit enormously); it’s about growth. And every time we push ourselves that little bit more we extend our spirits that little bit more. And the change can be so small and so constant that over time you don’t even notice it until it’s just the way it is. And you’re different, better than you were. More than.

Everyone knows how to create powerful, instant connection with another, right?  Everyone knows how to adjust  their behaviour in order to make someone else comfortable, right?  Everyone understands the power of an actual personal conversation over an email/text/online message, right?



Employers now have a predicament on their hands.  Many of their sales people have grown up in a smart phone reality, where their online communication skills with their networks are predominantly via online messages.  They’ve grown up with working parents who simply may or may not have time to ensure everyone sits around the table regularly AND talks!  I’m certainly not criticizing: I’m one of them.

Look around.  Couples, families, parents and children, friends out and about are all looking at their screens when they’re together.   They’re physically present, but not present with each other.  It’s almost the new norm.

The fallout is that the art and skill of conducting connected conversations isn’t being practiced.  Skills weaken…if they were there at all.

Employers must choose between insisting on finding people with great communication skills, or on supporting their people to develop great communication skills.  To be effective, sales people need to know how to deliberately create rapport with another person, be skilled at asking questions to uncover information and to position the opportunity, and must understand that before a decision maker decides to buy the solution, they make a decision about buying from them.  Failing to behave in a way that engenders trust will have a MASSIVE impact on their ability to sell well or often. 

We must show our sales teams how to connect with others, and how to communicate in a way that inspires, influences and leads a relationship towards a trusting working relationship.  Failing to accept this new responsibility is also accepting poor sales results.


Don’t let that be your company.  Invest in your sales people.  The alternative is too expensive.


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