Time to Grow

There’s nothing quite like the start of the year for people to act on their new year’s resolutions. It’s why all of the weight loss ads are on rotation, and why insurance comparison companies encourage us to find ways to save money.

For others, it’s about becoming more. To have different we must first become different. And to be different we must do different.

And all it takes is the first step.

A desire to grow is accompanied by an openness to the new. Many years ago, a business coach of mine told my team and I that there are learners and there are knowers. As soon as you say “I know” you’ve closed yourself off from any new information.

What is required to grow? There’s no definitive list, but here’s a few things I’ve learnt along the way:

  1. A catalyst: we sometimes have something that happens that either causes us so much pain or so much pleasure (but usually pain) that we vow that we won’t ever let that happen to us again. This is why pain exists really: so we can grow, and it is a gift if we choose to see it that way.
  2. Reflection: the ability to step back from a situation and understand that there were players, which parts each one played, what was positive, what wasn’t, why. We can give anything meaning. Make yours constructive. While it may be true that not everything happens for a reason, it just happens, is not the same as saying we should walk around not caring about each other, ourselves and the impact of events. Applying meaning to something if constructive gives you power to move forward and beyond. Applying negative meaning to something keeps you tied to an event. It keeps you stuck.
  3. Hope and desire for difference. Growth doesn’t occur when everything stays the same forever. When you embrace change, embrace the new and identify a new picture of what you want, the growth cycle has begun.
  4. A teacher: a person who has walked the journey and ended up where you want to be is perfect. This may be a real person/mentor, a book, a dvd or podcast you can listen to. Discover what they did and do that.
  5. Action: take action every day that takes you one step closer to that which you desire. All the pain, reflection, desire and mentoring in the world won’t help you grow much: you need to take action. Take note of what is bringing you forward and what isn’t. Eliminate those that hinder and maximize those that propel you.
  6. Teach: paying it forward is so powerful. When you extend yourself to reach out to others, growth for all is inevitable. Sometimes it may even include unintended growth such as a new friendship, discovery of a new talent or skill. When we live beyond ourselves, we grow. We live larger.

When you look back upon your life journey, what have been the biggest factors in your growth? Share them on the blog: I’d love to hear them. How would you like to grow this year?


What action are you taking? Share…



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