Virtual Workshops and Coaching


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A new shift in communication


Face to face workshops and coaching have long been my favourite methodology to create lasting shift in behaviour.  There will be a time for these again post Coronavirus.


As both a participant and as a facilitator, I am now excited by the power and impact video based platforms have in achieving these shifts as well. They create an intimate group learning environment, opportunities and forums for partner and small group work, and in many ways, I can gauge participants’ reactions faster. 

Combined with other app based technology, group communication forums create and foster a deeper level of connection that shares best practice, insights, wins and participant support to maintain momentum in between workshops. 

I remain committed to designing programs in partnership with my clients to ensure they’re fit for purpose and are relevant to the goals of the business, the team leaders and participants.  Outcome driven learning is the constant: the delivery is far more flexible to focus investment on training their people by eliminating associated travel expenses.  In a tightening economy, the focus on getting a return on investment has never been more important.

Video sales coaching


Individual coaching is available to sales people or sales leaders. Programs are either 6 or 12 months and include weekly, fortnightly or monthly Zoom, Skype or Webex sessions. Coaching is structured to support the specific outcomes of the participant and the organisation they represent.

Small group coaching is designed to achieve the organisation’s goals as well as those of each individual participant.

Delivered over Zoom, Skype or Webex, they’re structured to minimise downtime and maximise impact with flexibility over frequency and length.

All coaching programs require participants to apply their learning outside of the coaching sessions and review that learning throughout the program.

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