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Bespoke Business Programs

Together we’ll create a customised program underpinned by my proven Pathway to Enrichment Philosophy, that will activate and energise your team to deliver the results you need and provide measurable value to customers. Telling isn’t selling. Neither is order taking.

When change is the only constant your sales team deserves a dynamic approach to ensure they’re adding value beyond simply product and price. Next level skills: negotiation, connection, influencing, listening, questioning…will be in higher demand as AI moves in to do the lower-level processing of transactions.

Arm your people with a richer skillset to remain relevant and effective in a market where generating the same or better results than last year means working harder AND smarter.

Sales Leadership

Sales leaders are different to other leaders in that they never pass go: they’re achievements are on display for the company to see and they’re navigating multiple stakeholders at once; the organisation they deliver value to, the team they’re empowering to deliver targets and customers without whom nothing else is possible.

My sales leadership programs provide current and emerging sales leaders with solidstructure, approaches, processes and tools to build their own high performing teams.Workshops and individual coaching sessions work to target the specific challenges andcircumstances each leader faces in order to be successful.

Keynote Speaking

When you have an event and are looking for a unique speaker, consider Ingrid’s expertise and ability to engage, entertain and educate an audience. As a transformational speaker, Ingrid leaves audiences feeling inspired, energised, and motivated to take new action.

The Genius Zone Ingrid Maynard is a sales gun, and her genius zone is sharing this skill with those around her.

Online Programs

If you or your sales people struggle to take time off the road, off the shop floor or away from their laptops and phones, The Sales Doctor’s on demand online programs provide flexible delivery and support direct to the learner.

Take advantage of the opportunity ordinarily only available to large corporate teams withThe Sales Doctor Foundational Sales Programs. My Pathway to Enrichment Philosophyunderpins these online programs open to businesses, solopreneurs,and individuals workingin retail and general service.